A stakeholder advisory committee was established in Cyprus to provide advice during the piloting and further adaptation of the GEM IN educational programme in formal and non-formal educational environments.

A five-member Committee was formed, consisting of:

  • 1 educational stakeholder
  • 1 non-formal education stakeholder
  • 1 stakeholder in the field of policy-making
  • 2 members from the school/institutional partners involved in the piloting phase.

Specifically, the committee will:

  1. help define strategies for maximizing the impact of the project;
  2. provide inputs and feedbacks on whether the project is reaching its objectives and results;
  3. contribute to the development of future exploitation opportunities of the GEM IN educational programme;
  4. provide policy recommendations for the development of the Operation Pack;
  5. support partner to disseminate the project’s results.

The first meeting of the National Committee was organised online on 17th of September due to COVID-19. The aim of the first meeting was to introduce the project, its toolkit and the piloting phase. Members were asked to provide feedback and 2 or 3 recommendations on what kind of change in policy at the European level they would want to see, in accordance with the project’s objectives. Specifically, members suggested to transpose the resources to Kahoot and other online educational game platforms for sustained impact, to make the board game more digital. Also, they mentioned that training on Global Citizenship Education and more resources are needed in order to be able to teach and enhance students' knowledge. Furthemore, stakeholders and teachers told us that they will use the resources when trying to promote a non-formal educational training for EU and to make the lessons and students’ free time at school more interesting. Undoubtedly, they will use the resources during commemoration days of the EU, democracy.

Stakeholder Advisory Committee in Cyprus
Stakeholder Advisory Committee in Cyprus
Stakeholder Advisory Committee in Cyprus