Two members of the INOVA+ team attended the International workshop of the project “GEM IN – Game to Embrace Intercultural Education”, held online between 16th and 18th of June 2020.

The main objective was to introduce and “taste” the Gem for EuroMed game, developed under the GEM project and as result, partners shared experiences, learned to use new tools, participated in co-creation process and had fun. The workshop started with the introduction of the results from the surveys collected in Portugal, Cyprus and Greece, which involved 99 teachers, educators and other professionals from formal and non-formal settings of learning.

These surveys allowed the partnership to know the strategies, practices, activities and training related to the education for citizenship existent in the countries of the partnership and in different settings of learning. Based on this knowledge and using digital tools to support the co-creation process, the project’s team had the opportunity of discussing the main results of the project, namely the GEM IN boardgame and digital archive. These results will be designed based on the policies and strategies on the education for citizenship available in each country, assuring the alignment with European policies as well. At this stage, the team already defined the methodology, activities, topics and values to be considered during the design of these products.

Having a 2-years duration and started in January 2020, the project comprises the implementation of the boardgame in formal and non-formal contexts of learning in the countries of the partnership, involving teachers, educators and young people with 14 to 20 years old.