GEM IN participated with the round table entitled “Learning by playing through STEAM” in the Panhellenic and International Conference “STEAM Educators and Education” which took place on the 7th until the 9th of May 2021 online. There were almost 6000 online participants from all 5 continents during the 3 days of the conference.  

The round table was coordinated by Giovanni Barbieri, Project Manager of GEM IN, Elena Sarlis, EU Projects Manager of RDEWG and Gariou Angeliki, Scientific responsible of the RDEWG scientific team for GEM IN. 177 online participants followed the round table plus 480 followed the event through live streaming. The round table was addressed to scientists, teachers and educators of all levels engaged, policy makers, researchers and postgraduate students, education executives, providers of vocational education and training but also to any individual interested in being informed of the latest scientific developments. There was a very fruitful discussion on how can the "learning by playing" approach coexist with STEAMs? During the round table this aspect was examined through our GEM IN board game developed by our "Game to Embrace INtercultural education" – GEM IN project, which was the starting point to analyze this issue.

Main discussion points which were discussed were:

1) How to develop a tool which requires STEAM knowledge for its creation?

2) How to promote STEAM through games and non-formal educational activities?

3) How to promote critical reflection and innovative approaches through STEAM?

4) How to make the pedagogiacal approach more inclusive?

GEM IN representatives taking part in this round table were excited by the great publicly expressed interest of the participants on the project and the multiple ways that its deliverables could be exploited.